Private Client Services

Private Client Services

Below please find the private sessions available as well as details and prerequisites, if any. For additional questions please email.

Dogs do really want to know what you want them to do.


A single 3* hour session in your home. Strongly recommend all members of the family [over the age of 6] participate. This is a thorough ‘crash course’ that sets you up for immediate, ongoing and long lasting results. Service includes time, a clicker, Training Manual and  three months of ongoing support by phone or email.

Prerequisites: None

New puppy in the home? Unruly adolescent getting out of control? Poor impulse control? Adult and older dog developing poor habits or becoming increasingly difficult to manage? Want more family involvement? Whatever issues bring you to seek professional help, you’ve come to the right place. Get started now on the journey to learn how to become the benevolent leader to your dog[s].

Service begins with a brief telephone intake which helps customize the issues that are important to you. From this information you receive a customized treatment plan to address current issues, learn how to fix them and develop the skill set to trouble shoot any future issues. Call or email to set up an intake or get more details.  References available upon request.

Training is for all ages and stages of development. We want to teach YOU how to teach your pet(s).

TOPICS INCLUDE: house training, mouthing/chewing, fears, rude manners, getting along with others (animals and people), new dynamic in house (e.g., marriage, divorce, new baby or pet, moving, etc.), destructive behavior, leash behavior, running away, anxiety disorders, excessive barking, over protective behavior as well as dog/dog or dog/people reactivity or aggression (see below for more details on Aggression Issues).

Two dogs?

*Have more than one dog or just oodles of questions? We have an app for that! Add up to 60 minutes to length of initial session for only a fraction of the hourly rate.

AGGRESSION CASES  (2 session minimum)

Aggression is defined as a dog causing harm to people or other animals. This more severe and usually anxiety based problem is treated similarly to the 3 Hour Model but requires a 1-2 hour follow up within 2 weeks of initial service to ensure that protocols are understood and being followed and to ensure safety of all. Email for more details on this service.

Prerequisites: None


Sometimes you need to hear things twice to hear them the first time; your dog is in a new developmental phase that confounds you, a trauma caused new problems, or you just want another go around on fine tuning things that are confounding. REFRESHER COURSES range from 1-2 hours per visit and are charged at an hourly rate.

Prerequisites: Private Clients Only


While limited Phone & email support is and remains a feature of private training services, especially useful immediately after your session, UNLIMITED Email  is just that. If you need a reminder, a pep talk, clarity on certain issues, questions about resources and other training matters, or just need to know you have that lifeline available if you need it, even quite frequently at times,  UNLIMITED EMAIL might be just the right low cost tune up you need to stay focused and goal oriented.

Prerequisites: Private Clients Only.